Tips for Choosing the Right Office Chair

One of the most important parts of an office is a great chair that you can sit in while you do your work. In most office spaces, the bulk of the work is done sitting down and a good chair will help to alleviate the back problems that can come from sitting in an unsupportive chair all day. Many small business owners never give the chair they sit in a second thought until they have debilitating back injury, which can leave you unable to work at all. Here are a few things to look for in a great chair for your office space

Adjustable Backrest/Lumbar Support

One of the most crucial parts of a good chair is adjustable backrests because it will allow you to take some of the pressure that sitting causes off of your back. The pressure on your back is what can cause injuries to your disks and muscles in your back, which can result in long term problems with your back and spine.  Being able to adjust the lumbar support on the chair will help you change the support according to your size and weight. This will help to maintain the shape of your spine while you are sitting and it will help to reduce discomfort and pain.

Adjustable Armrests

Another very helpful element that you need to look for in the chair for your office space is adjustable armrests, which help to support your weight and give you a more comfortable experience when sitting. If you buy a chair with fixed armrests, you run the risk of them being too high or low, which will create problems with your posture. The best thing to get is adjustable armrests so you can get the right height for your particular body build.

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